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Name: Marco
Home: Milan (IT)-Manchester (UK)-Menorca (SP)-Maricopa (US), Italy
About Me:
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  • Oasis+City, Mancunian blues
  • Stereophonics
  • Scotland & Paolo Nutini
  • Paul Weller, Sun Flower
  • the Queen
  • Led Zeppelin, Lord of Rings
  • Verve & Ashcroft
  • Marianna, Morricone, Jewel, horses
  • the Smashing Pumpkins
  • London & tennis
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    "Twist and shout" (London Palladium, novembre 1963), con la famosa introduzione di John Lennon rivolto al pubblico

    "In my life"

    "She loves you" a Manchester nel 1963, con ragazze urlatrici :) (le scimmie? :)

    Beatles auf Deutsch :), "Sie liebt dich"


    "Ticket to ride", la canzone preferita di Noel Gallagher degli Oasis

    "Yellow submarine"



    "A hard day's night"

    "Please please me"

    "I want to hold your hand"

    nochmals, Beatles auf Deutsch :), "Komm gib mir deine Hand"

    "Drive my car"

    "Love me do"

    "You've got to hide your love away"

    "Can't buy me love"

    "Eight days a week"

    "All my loving"

    "Eleanor Rigby"

    "Paperback writer"

    "I feel fine"

    "From me to you"

    "And I love her"

    "Nowhere man"

    "Norwegian wood (this bird has flown)"

    Il testo descrive una delle frequenti relazioni extraconiugali di quel periodo.

    Listen @ 11:11